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Amanda Rosado, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC, CDP

Session spaces with me are about cultivating and sharing collaborative, authentic music experiences to support participants in healing, joy, and understanding. Approaching my work from a person-affirming lens, my therapeutic approach comes almost from what I don’t know, more so than what I do. I strive to enter each interaction with open curiosity, authenticity, flexibility, and even humor - and I empower folks to control their own body, voice, and narrative.

I have been a music therapist since 2009
, supporting folks with mental health needs, neurological disorders, neurodivergence, teens, adults, seniors, and families in end-of-life support.  My experience of supporting a variety of needs has given me a lot of perspective on how unique healing looks from person-to-person, and body-to-body. I identify as white, Latine, queer, able-bodied, middle-class, and neurotypical. I am a long-time musician, which is a large part of my identity and wellness. I acknowledge that the field of music, including music therapy, is heavily rooted in Eurocentric culture. Through acknowledging gate-keeping, ableism, cultural appropriation, and white supremacy in the field of music therapy, I uphold an intention to maintain spaces that encompass emotional safety, physical safety, and accessibility. I commit to learning and unlearning, welcoming clinical spaces that empower collaboration, curiosity, transparency, and honesty in therapeutic relationships. 

Fun Facts:
Along with a love of musicking (oboe, guitar, and singing are my top three modalities), I love being in nature (especially bodies of water), and would welcome incorporating any nature based practices into our therapeutic space together. I also enjoy dancing, bike riding, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Although I identify as half Puerto Rican, I have never had fluency in Spanish and I hope to someday (I welcome any and all practice). I am also an animal lover, with a special affinity to cats. As of this year, I have planted myself in the DMV after spending most of my life in Anne Arundel County and the Annapolis area. 

I work best with folks who:
(1) want to tap into their own creative energy as a vehicle to process lived experience
(2) are willing and motivated to be vulnerable
(3) would be willing to maintain a long-term relationship with me to safely access emotions on a deep level.

I am not a good fit for folks who:

(1) Are under 13 years old

(2)  Predominantly want to utilize music therapy for neuro-rehabilitative goals (e.g. speech and motor skills)

(3) Do not have a significant connection to music

(4) Are seeking more structured, skills-based, and short-term support

If any of these areas apply to you, please contact me for referrals to other music therapists in the area.

Education, Certifications, Trainings, and Other Career Acknowledgments:

  • Shenandoah University: Master of Music Therapy ‘18, Bachelor of Music Therapy ‘09

  • Board Certification of Music Therapy (MT-BC) since December 2009 (#09316)

  • Maryland State License in Music Therapy (LPMT) since January 2022 (#10)

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) since November 2022

  • Community Drumming Group Facilitation

  • DBT informed Music Therapy

  • Trauma-informed Music Therapy

  • Music Therapy in Hospice Care

  • Music Therapy Perspectives peer reviewed publication in 2019: Adolescents’ Experiences of Music Therapy in an Inpatient Crisis Stabilization Unit

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